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The Alaska Tank Sensor

Wi-Fi Water & Fuel Level Sensors

The Alaska Tank Sensor

Taiga Tech Labs is proud to introduce the Alaska Tank Sensor, a wireless/remote measuring device for water & heating oil.

Our device measures the water or fuel level in your tank and displays this information wirelessly on a digital display inside your home.

Our Alaska-tough system is designed and assembled in Fairbanks, built for our tough winter conditions.

Say Goodbye to Your Dipstick 

The Alaska Tank Sensor is a leap forward in tank monitoring technology, designed in Alaska for Alaskans.

  • Monitor water or fuel levels inside, in real time, on a digital display
  • Stop running out of water and fuel!
  • No more cold trips outside to dip a tank
  • Prevent damage from running out of water and heating oil

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2024 Arctic Innovation Competition (AIC)

The Alaska Tank Sensor/Taiga Tech Labs won 3rd Place in the Main Division of the 2024 Arctic Innovation Competition (AIC) in Fairbanks, hosted by UAF. Thanks AIC & Fairbanks for all your support!